Why does the mental health of a teacher important ?

After a day of struggle when we reach home , we are so low at energy level that sometimes we feel as if we are not paying that much attention to our kids as we should ! We give 100% to the students in our class. Do we give same to our kids n family ?????

This question came it my mind when my 11year daughter told me to teach Social studies. She told me that she has heard a lot about my teaching style from my students. She wanted to have the same experience. She requested me to teach in a same manner as I am teaching in my class. After teaching for an hour or so, she felt so happy. Her satisfaction and enthusiasm made me feel that why am not teaching her in best of my way .

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Yes/No ?

Am I the only teacher who feel it so ?
With limited resources, we are always being pressurised to give the best, where we have no freedom at workplace.
In between the stress of next day deadlines, completing the register work n preparation of next assignment or function , we are sometimes lost…. !!!

No ! It’s not. We, the teachers , are going through same kind of stress and pressure through out the world . Recently I read an article how the workload on teachers affect their children indirectly. One of the teacher who has shared her experience says

Working parenthood is never easy. Parenthood is never easy. Teaching is never easy. Parenting AND teaching simultaneously—it can sometimes feel like it will break you.

Physically—because there are only so many hours in the day and only so much of you to go around.

Mentally—because you’re guilty there isn’t more of you to share.

Recent study reveals that Two in five newly qualified teachers (NQTs) have experienced mental health problems in the last year, a new study has found. They are more prone to anxiety and panic attacks says the report.

What happens at the workplace directly effects her personal life. Hence , I feel teacher should get some independence in her work and must be time to time appreciated . This will bring productivity at the workplace and peace at mental level too.

Remember ! If the teacher is happy , definetly , she will bring more happiness in the lives of her 40 students bringing the life in her classroom. She will also be able to do justice with her kids at home too.

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  1. matheikal

    I’m a teacher and i know that too much workload or other stress does affect a teacher’s efficiency.

  2. Umeshkumar Tarsariya

    A teacher is the one who never diffrenciate any students whether they are profesional students or our own one.

  3. Anurag

    totally agreed with you. We are the future makers. We should be healthy mentally and physically.

  4. Supriti

    very true. The workload on teachers should be reduced. I wonder why parents keep howling at teachers for their smallest mistake… ur post will be an eyeopener for such parents.

  5. Pratibha (Prats)

    The way kids are burdened at school , its not unexpected the same pressure lies on teachers too as they have to prepare for the kids and cover other stuff once the kids are gone home. We need lower sudent teacher ratio to have a good education system for all .

  6. I am thinking if I should share this link with the Communications Manager at my boys school :-\
    #myepicareads #MyFriendAlexa

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