Who am I ?

Who am I ?

When I try to find my identity

I get lost….!!!

My mornings are busy

Running from kitchen to door

Tiffins to uniforms

I forget my coffee on the table

When somebody calls

Evening is for kiddos

Doing homework and projects

Then I wait for him

For the dinner I prepare

Thinking about the Next day

While sleeping in the bed

Who am I ?

Mom or wife or a woman ?

I try to find my identity

but I get lost

in my surreal identity..!!


Every morning is a new challenge

New targets , new projects

And new deadlines

Shuffling my files and

browsing my laptop

I forget to take my lunch

When I get  a call for meeting

Evenings are for planning

For next family vacation

And getting ready for her

I have no idea about surroundings

And start with my stylish snoring

When I get into my bed

Who am I?

Dad, hubby or a man ?

I try to find my identity

but I get lost

in my surreal identity..!!


Suddenly a deep voice

passes through my ears ….


You are the creators of life

Incomplete without each other

You are the composer

Of an incomparable song

You are the designers

Who design the beautiful souls

You are the authors

Famous for your uniqueness

You are the king and the queen

Of your lovely  kingdom

You are the head of your

Own big departments

There are many unknown reasons

For your existence in this world

HE is the one who knows

What is your only  true identity…!!!

(Via Daily prompt: identity/ surreal)

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  1. akankshaagr

    That’s why both husband & wife become a lamp together who used to light the others but have a darkness around them.

    1. msarora

      Agree…. they have to enlighten their hearts with the warmth and love of each other and remove the darkness prevailing around them.
      Thanks for reading and sharing your views??

      1. akankshaagr

        Yes after all both of them complete each other.

  2. shubhankarthinks

    wow beautiful poem it is which is defining the roles very well.

    1. msarora

      Thanks Shubhankar?

  3. कला श्री

    really very nice.

    1. msarora

      Thank you Kala ji for reading and appreciating

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