In this modern world we consider  ourselves educated,learned and well -informed but isn’t it really unfortunate that we are not ready to accept the truth with which our children are struggling. They are fighting a physical and emotional  battle against their own shadows.

Some  parents tell that child knows everything verbally but can’t put in writing .

Sometimes they shout at a child for not being able to tie a shoe lace or  not arranging a cupboard or a school bag according to the timetable and at times shaking a leg or  running here and there while discussion or learning.

And the most irritating task….writing a word  for 5 to 10 times to eliminate the probability of spelling error in a test. Unable to do so,the child gets a tag of being careless and irresponsible…..sad to say SLOW LEARNER

wp-1486102488485Tragically, such words  have great impact on the child’s psychology. By using such words you are forcing a child to enter in dark world of low self esteem where he tries hard to come out of that but all goes in vain.

It is like as if you are telling a person to lift a few kilos of bag Which he is not capable of doing and then  blamed for being lazy.

Basically , Parents  are afraid to accept that the child lacks a particular kind of skill and have learning difficulties with language or mathematical skill.

Now, its a high time to make ourselves aware of these learning disabilities a broader term of learning difficulties in psychology.
Learning disabilities or difficulties include discalulia  ,disgraphia , dyslexia ADHD, ADD…few more.

Once clinically diagnosed by a psychologist,  important corrective measures and steps are taken to bring the child back to the main stream. C0unselling of both parents and a child play an important role ,thus parent should not feel bad to go for the counselling sessions.

Cbse and few other state boards have also recognised  these challenges  and made  certain provisions for such students.http://cbse.nic.in/newsite/index.html

Inclusive education is an excellent opportunity for such students.
Remember that this is not a disease and need not to be looked upon.Such students can do wonders as their brain works in different way as compared to ours .


Winston Churchill: had a learning disability.

Walt Disney: had a learning disability.


Edison: Had a learning. He couldn’t read until he was twelve years old and had a very difficult time writing even when he was older.

Albert Einstein: Mathematician/Physicist: Had a learning disability and did not speak until age 3. He had a very difficult time doing math in school. It was very hard for him to express himself through writing.

Alexander Graham Bell: had a learning disability

Nelson Rockfeller, former Vice President: had a learning disability, dyslexia.


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  1. It is such an eye-opener and beautifully written and expressed ,
    This kind of awareness is much needed in today’s era !! ??

  2. Nice ,even einstien himself had criticised the rote learning system .Basic need of hour is strengthening the interest of student .Einstien himself had very much interest in music .He got interst in mathematics by studying a book on geometry in which he shares same passion as in music.The last line of article is great which goes goal of our education should be how capable we can make our students to face the problem in present era .it has nothing to do with how much marks we have got .it has to be a WIN WIN situation .i too share the same problem as per them i cant memorise things .But for me logic is if it doesnt interst me than it is too loaded to be memorized

  3. EQ as opposed to IQ, I remember when I first read about EQ, it was such an eye opener. As a society we are guilty of thinking IQ is so important when really it isn’t much of a measure of being a successful person.

  4. We definitely need more of posts like this and organisations which spread awareness in our society. Post is well written and very informative! Thank you!!!

  5. It’s so sad to know that there are still a lot of parents who teach their kids like they teach circus animal. I mean it’s like teaching how to fly to birds, chicken, tiger, and elephant and all of them must be able to do that. There is no equity here! And yes I do agree that the disabled should have inclusive education. They should go to the same school where the normal kids go. So, the normal kids can “train” their tolerance and awareness that we live in a world where all people are not the same. And also in order to the disabled kids to be treated the same, because they are also human beings despite their what so called “weakness”. Unfortunately, the educational system in my country is still not ready to accommodate the disabled to go to the standard school.

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