5 Recipes to try for Diwali 2019

Indian festivals means lots of food and fun ! Specially if it is made at home. Try these recipes to bring smiles on the faces of your guests and give them a treat for their tummy.

1.Matar Kulcha – You can prepare it in the morning and serve it when your guests arrive. People love homemade food. According to Godrej food trends report ,It is not only a trend but a healthy habit too. Check out the recipe here – https://pin.it/k2fecra7ga4lme

Diwali recipes

2. Mediterranean Chickpea salad – All day servings ! Easy to prepare with a little twist. Check out the recipe here – https://pin.it/67pfd5xkblsbme

Mediterranean Chickpea salad, Diwali recipes , Indian recipes

3. Cocktail Mini Idlis – Same idli but with different flavours as snacks to be served with love. Check out the recipe here- https://pin.it/67pfd5xkblsbme

Cocktail Mini Idlis, Diwali recipes, Indian

4. Gulabjamun custard – Diwali is incomplete without sweets. Regular sweets but different way of presentation. Check out the recipe here- https://pin.it/j3gr77hruoajku

Gulabjamun custard, Diwali recipes,

5. Pani puri – Yes ! Try it once and your guests will love it. Everything is easily available online and in the market too. Check out the recipe here- https://pin.it/hzl54rrduzxu6n. You can get the ready to fry golgappe online. ( click here to buy now)

Pani puri, Indian snacks , Diwali snacks

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  1. Manaswi Tanwar

    Haven’t tried gulab jamun custard before. Is it difficult to make?

    1. Aurora M

      Hi Manaswi, you can gulab jamun from market or try with ready to made pack. Custard and praline can made at home

  2. dpranita583

    Beautiful recipes , I have already pinned it .

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