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A young , energetic, mentally and physically strong body is a dream of every person. Happiness also comes when you and the people around you are healthy and full of enthusiasm and energy.

Maintaining the health of every person in the family has always be a challenge for me. Their health requirements are different at different age. Kids have different demands while elders have their own expectations. Being a working woman we are already struggling with our own problems and other health issues. We keep on juggling between calcium tablets and multivitamins.

Boosting our health by taking tablets is not a good option when have an easy way to extract all these boosters from their natural sources. Nature has provided us with  everything. We have to just find out the best way to extract and utilize them in a healthy manner. The best way is to consume these vitamins and minerals is Fruit Infused Water.


Water is an essential part of our life. Our body is made up two- third of water. Adding the nutrients  directly to the water has a great advantages . This can be done by simply adding fruits to the water. This way is little messy because you have to sieve it before consuming .

In this fast moving world we have everything except time. I have always been looking for something which is easy to use , easy to handle and easy to clean. At the same time, it should be environment friendly and above all should have good quality.


Instacuppa fruit infuser
Instacuppa fruit infuser bottle

While browsing I came across Instacuppa fruit infuse water bottle. It has all the features which I was looking in my fruit infuser.

While choosing a fruit infuser , it is always important to keep few things in mind regarding the quality of the product. Never compromise your health with the cheap quality products specially if they have plastic components. Buying such products may infuse you with lots of toxic substances and may affect your health adversely .

This is a reason for me to go for Instacuppa thermosteel fruit infused water bottle.


Instacuppa fruit infused bottle
Instacuppa thermosteel fruit infused bottle


Here are the few reasons for why I want this product.

  1. It is made up od Tritan a plastic which is BPA FREE( Bisphenol A), safe and durable.
  2. It is made of premium quality Steel and has matt finish.
  3. It has a separate bottle for keep fruits , hence need not to sieve before drinking.
  4. It is easy to clean due to wide mouth opening in both the containers.
  5. It consists of insulated water bottle alongwith fruit infuser.
  6. Easy to carry for both kids and elders.
  7. It comes with a free E- recipe book.


I have planned many recipes using this magical healthy water:

  • Kiwi cucumber infused water.click here for recipe
  • Cucumber Detox water . Click here know more
  • You can make your own combinations. I love to have strawberry , kiwi ,mint and lemon infused water.

This products is not only going to make me healthy, happy,cheerful and energetic , it will also strengthen my bond with my family.Believe me, I can’t tell you the kind of satisfaction you feel when you know that you are giving real good to them. Something healthy which is going to boost their immunity. This is a real happiness and satisfaction. There are many other products which I would like to try. 



Instacuppa green tea bottle
Green tea / coffee infuser bottle

The other one which I liked a lot is Green tea infuser. It  is going to help me to detox my body. Green tea is really good for us specially if you want to reduce fat.

A cup of green tea in a day keeps you slim trim and smart always .

The best  part of this bottle is that it is multipurpose. You can use it as fruit infuser, green tea infuser and you can make coffee too ( You know my love for coffee these days)

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If you too have made your mind to buy it like me or you want to know more about it, then don’t stop yourself moving towards the healthy way of drinking.

Click here to know more about there products.

Instacuppa has all the solutions. Choose the one according to you needs.

Adopt healthy drinking lifestyle with Instacuppa.

An instant easy solution for everyones need.


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What are your views about fruit infused water?Have you ever tried it?

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  1. Excellent post and you had explained each point so wonderfully. I had learnt about fruit infusion water around a few months ago, and I agreed they are so good for health, will surely try this during this summer. #sueprbloggerchallenge2018

    • Thanks Surbhi , I am sure you will enjoy it specially when we open the fridge after coming back from market or outdoors in summers.

  2. Thats really informative! I like the idea of insulated water bottle. I suppose it will keep the water cooler and fruit fresher.

  3. wow…you have already planned how you are going to use your fruit and coffee infusers. I am sure this summer your family would love the new addition to their healthy diet…

  4. The InstaCuppa fruit infuser is definitely an excellent product. You know, this idea of consuming fruit and vegetable infused water is occurring to me for the first time. Great post.

    • Hi Jaya ! I came across this word last year when one of my friend told me to open the fast with infused water. It is really refreshing. Try it this summer. I am sure will like it .

  5. I’ve never heard of infused water. This actually sounds very interesting and I may try it. It may help me drink water more often! Great post:)

  6. Loving this insta cup and gonna add this to my wish list. I have always carried water bottle but infusing fresh fruits in it is something I have not seen before but an really facinated with.

  7. Im not a fan of fruit infused water! I wish i was though!
    I love the different tumblers you can get to do it with. The first one you showed looks awesome!!


  8. I love fruit-infused water and tea of any kind! Mint and strawberry infused water is my favorite <3 Since I also try to reduce waste, a product like this sounds perfect (I want them all!) since my own take-out cup is actually made from plastic…

  9. This is truly a heartfelt post and thanks for the detox recipes. This has made my day. I am not working but for after all the household chores I forgot to take care of my own health

  10. Nice post , these products are really good and worth trying 🙂 A small step towards a healthy lifestyle .

  11. I’m not a huge fruit infuser water kinda gal; however, I do love infusing tea so I think I would use the Instacuppa Green Tea Infuser Bottle . I like the design of it as well.

  12. We all now have a good understanding of infused water and it’s benefits. Thanks to this #SuperBloggerChallenge2018. The thing that I like most about #Instacuppa is that their material is just awesome. BPA free, bamboo, and great quality steel. We really need products of such kind that don’t cause any health concerns. Please read my week 4 blog here http://www.vibhuandme.com/2018/03/be-healthy-with-infused-water-and-instacuppa.html

    • Completely agree with you Shipra! Indeed we are learning a lot from this challenge. I must thank them for reminding me about infused water.
      Instacuppa products are worth trying.

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