Emotional Quotient:a friend or foe


Everybody in this world want to be a successful person but there are few who taste it.What is the measure of success is hard to define.Usually we believe that a person who scores well in exams say 90% is intelligent  while a child who scores say 60%is tortured (sorry to say this word but a bitter truth is that the child has to go through mental trauma). Here I would like to quote that 90% is says more about IQ (Intelligent Quotient) but what about EQ (Emotional Quotient).

IQ is important but EQ is nevertheless.


Emotional Quotient plays important role in real life situations whether at home with family, with friends or at the job place with boss and colleagues.  There are certain situations which demands to have a cool mind and analysis of that moment when you and the people around you are going through the  strong emotional storm . In such case you have to understand your own emotions and others too. There is guarante that you will be able to handle this if you are emotionally strong which in turn mean have  high Emotional Quotient .


Emotional Quotient hence means to understand one’s own emotions and others too. It includes analysis and interpretation of emotions to achieve the target goal.
Let’s have an example

You are running a business and someone who is utmost important for you  and  your Company needs to be hospitalised due to serious illness.Your employees are under stress. You too are facing an emotional stress. Here, which is more important? 

EQ or IQ or A GOOD COMBINATION OF BOTH.You can judge you self. 

Let’s talk about Leadership. Leader is the one who has an ability to lead a team to achieve certain goal.He motivates his team members and condition them  in a way that they can face  every situation. Can we consider the academic performance be the criteria to be a Leader???

Can we consider only academic intelligence as a reason for success????

There are many other factors involved which creates a the path for success. Only Academics can’t be a reason of success as I have discussed in the previous post

 Moreover the definition of success is different for different people. Is there only two types of intelligence or some other  forms  are also existing? I will surely discuss in the coming posts .

 In nut shell what I  can say that  how the child has conditioned for real life’s hard truths and face emotional storms is really matter.





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  1. Blogger

    I like the low and high EQ comparison diagram. It makes it easier to understand it

    1. msarora

      Thank you for reading and appreciation.

      1. Blogger

        Welcome. Thank you for visiting my blog too <3 Have a great Sunday!

  2. Sun and Moon

    I like this kind of blog(simple, short and informative) as it raise awareness that is much needed by our society today. Our society sometimes miss the idea and beauty of EQ 🙂

    1. msarora

      Thanks for appreciation….Yes, I started with this aim only. How far I will succeed in this mission., I don’t know but I am happy that at least I have taken a small step towards this direction .

      1. Sun and Moon

        It’s nice to know that you started your blog with good intentions. Keep on writing. We will support you in your journey – Eclipse

  3. Amrita

    What a lovely post.EQ is a secret weapon.

  4. mina

    Very interesting topic, appreciate it for posting.

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