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A fortnightly blogpost !
Time to introduce a new blogger …
I think  a new blogger,I must say a new blogger friend .
The best of part of this post is that I get a chance to know many wonderful bloggers and feel proud to be connected with them.
Believe me, its really nice to see the community of blogger growing up.

Now, let me introduce to you  the blogger of the day and her blog

Blog’s name : Helen’s Journey
Blogger          : Helen

About her : 

Her only dream is to establish a Health Centre.  She also has her own support group on Facebook for Fibromyalgia and chronic Illness sufferers for the last 10 years.

About her blog :

She has a wellness & positivity blog, which  she uses to log her  journey with chronicillness (fibromyalgia) & discovering more natural ways to empower her  mind, body & soul.  She also write some poetry too.

Her reason for blogging:

She can’t think of a better way to give a portrayal of true life than regular blogs by someone talking about their life, the real issues they face and their views on the world they live in.

From where does she blog :

She writes from a beautiful city of Birmingham , England.

My Visit to her blog:

Amazing ! I couldn’t resist myself reading more and more on her blog. All her posts are full of positive vibes. It not only helps you to become mentally a strong person but also throw some tips for being physically fit in a natural way. She has beautiful Instagram page too. She also write poems.

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I am sure you will enjoy your visit to her blog Congratulations!!!Dear Helen. Proudly announce on your blog that you are now an important part of friday feature bloggers team. #ffbt

A big thank to all who participated.
Keep blogging and growing your blog.

Let’s support each other and  make our  community grow.

Stay connected and Keep blogging !


Blogging is an art and you should feel  proud to have it.

P. S. – Follow me on Twitter for more updates. Good luck for next FRIDAY FEATURE. How do you feel  being a blogger? Lets communicate each other. 

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    1. msarora

      You are welcome ! Just leave a comment replying to the last question in the post and wait for the next FRIDAY FEATURE post and you are READY or follow me on Twitter for more updates.

  1. Helen's Journey

    Wow this is so lovely! ?
    I came on the post to congratulate the winner, only to read it was me ~ what a heart warming surprise!
    Thank you so much, I’m so glad my positive vibes oozed out at you through my blogs & social media. Im humbled at being chosen & grateful for a new blogger friend too ?☄ x

    1. Helen's Journey

      Thank you, I love to find new readers and people to follow etc… ???

  2. Stylograph

    Congratulations and its really good to have suchmm persons between us who inspire us to do good for others and to remain positive and hopeful even in worst situations of our life…really nice ??

    1. msarora

      Exactly, I feel this place full of inspiration. I feel happy to connected with such people.

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