Write to inspire


Words have power to heal….

let’s write a post inspired by a person , your own life or any situation whom you feel that helped you to come out from the tangles of emotions,thoughts and difficult situations or circumstances where you felt that is the end.

Let’s be a supportive hand to the people who are stuck in same situation.

Your words may bring a positive impact on someone’s life…You never know !!!

  • Write the post and leave the link in comment section or create a pingback.
  • You can also leave the link for the post which has already published on your site.
  • Kindly reply if any of the post, in comment section, has provided you any kind of help.
  • You can Write on any topic to create social awareness e.g. depression,mental health, people with special needs, differently abled people,child abuse, broken relationship and so on.
  • Your can write a poem , a story or a quote etc

Let’s extend our helping hands to bring the happiness, peace and love in every heart……❤❤

Read to get inspiration:

1.How to cope with Anxiety by my passion projects blog.

2. An inspiring story of a retired Navy officer who came out as a winner from his most depressive times of life. (7/2/2018)

3. Low self esteem for Men –   An article explaining different ways to improve the self esteem by my fellow blogger Sarah.

Wait for the next !!!

12 thoughts on “Write to inspire

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  2. This is a lovely idea. I’m going to brainstorm some things now. Even if I can’t come up with a post, it is nice to reflect on our lives and be grateful for those who are in it.

    1. Hi Lizz…first of all thanks for stopping by and giving a thought about it. The whole idea is to share our stories so that we feel relaxed by putting up our thoughtsinto words in front of those who are struggling with same issues.
      Looking forward to read your post…
      Have a wonderful day…stay blessed ?

  3. Words are more powerful than many people think, this is one of the reasons why words are using reckless.
    So probably, only the mind can be stronger than word.

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