Fare to Moon !

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How much would you pay to go to the moon?

I heard through the Air Talks*
The flight is ready to move
The tool kit is ready
Just a few of passengers are eligible to this ‘venture

Ah! I am there in the list
But Am I ready to pay ?
How much ? The money isn’t needed
What needed is you !!!

You are the full bundle
They are looking upto
The return isn’t yet ready
But the tour to Moon is sure

Meltdown your emotions into a block
And let the relations be under lock forever
Be ready to give your every single dream
And let be in constant deep sleep

This is all you need to pay?? Are you ready to leave ???? The flight to Moon is ready !!!

*Air Talk – a new technology in coming future where you can communicate through Air without mobile device !!!

I THINK 🤔 I am not ready to pay !!! Loved to be here thinking about the mysterious Moon 🌙

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