Isolate Yourself

When you are sad and alone
Isolate yourself
From all those feelings
That bring you down and
Tear you apart.
When people doubt about you
And laugh
Isolate yourself and
Shield yourself
From those foolish minds
That doesn’t know
About your strong heart.
When others are jealous of you
Isolate yourself
And welcome that criticism
because it will make them more frustrated
And save you from further harm.

Daily word Prompt- Isolate

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22 Responses

  1. These words are so true. We should ignore negative comments and negative people.It is true that people are jealous but remember why they are jealous. They are jealous because you are better than them. So gloat over this and ignore such people.

  2. Your poem is reflection of the real world. By isolation you really able to upgrade yourself. I had been through this. I isolate myself from such jealous people. Real fun they get more jealous and upset while I was the happy person n able to forgot the negative people and comment. At the end your mental peace is matter.

  3. Lovely poem. We should shut out such people instead of allowing them to make us sad and weak. We know what we are doing is right and that is important.

  4. Such a beautiful poem with just a simple term! Isolation is very powerful. It gives you time to reflect on yourself and grow stronger. Loved the poem!

  5. Sometimes the truest words are simple yet powerful, something this poem reflects

  6. It is so important to shut such negativity out of our lives. Particularly in these stressful times. Easier said than done, but not impossible. Love that little warning.

  7. Love the message the poem conveys – don’t allow people to hurt you, just be you. As long as we don’t harm someone, we should be able to live life on our own terms.

  8. You are right- Self Isolation is the solution to many problems. If we Isolate ourselves from those unwanted stuff, feelings and emotions, lots of things will be different.

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